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“Armitano Investor A.V.V” offers advisory and consulting services to entrepreneurs and sophisticated investors in the Caribbean. We are a financial services boutique founded in Aruba in 2008 focused in venture capital and financial consulting. Our objective of is to take care of the wellbeing of our clients and allies.


In our company, we are fully convinced that the financial needs of our clients and allies are unique and specific. Therefore, we put our best efforts in understanding and listening their doubts, financial necessities and goals to offer advice and customized ideas to cover their plans and investment expectations. To us, it is very important to have feedback with our clients and allies, because this gives us the skills and knowledge to help them to analyze the best tools and services that suit their needs and desires.


Our corporate principles and values ​​are based on values such as reliability, responsibility, commitment, experience, security, transparency, and trust to give you really customized services.


We are perfectly capable of undertaking any project because our executive team has the experience and versatility to do its best to achieve clients´ goals.  


Our focus is based on...


Professional expertise won through years working with clients, partners and tough market conditions give us an accurate vision on what we need to do in the correct moment to offer our customized service.


In terms of efficiency and quality, there are many companies that can offer really good knowledge and service. However, in this complicated financial world there are not many companies that comply with the objective to satisfy clients, and do not think in their present and future.

Oswaldo Armitano

Whereas "Armitano Investor A.V.V" can give you custom solutions depending of your goals, because your present time is not tomorrow, is today, and then you deserve the best.






Our team is formed by multidisciplinary individuals with extensive professional experience, specialized in finance and business management.  Our best motivation has been to assist corporations, individual clients, and entrepreneurs by helping them to identify their tools and best use of their financial resources, combining knowledge, scenario analysis, and planning services to support them in their tasks to achieve stated goals.


Our team recognizes that the relationship with our clients is built on understanding and trust. The planning that Armitano Investor A.V.V suggests will be carefully performed to pursue your success in the future. That is why our company is focused on helping you develop your individual strengths, unique abilities, and building your business your way. It is truly an exceptional opportunity to get a good financial services, don´t think more just call us and let us give you the key to achieve your goals, because all of our financial executives strive to turn our clients' financial dreams into reality. We believe the passion our financial representatives bring to their work is the secret to their success and ours.






AUA +297 733 2221

        +297 733 2226

  • Advice and Financial Consulting

  • Investment

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Fiduciary Financial Planning

  • Financial Structures

We are a financial services boutique, funded in Aruba by 2008, focused in venture capital & private and company investment advisory.

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